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Various types of storms such as hailstorms, thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms can occur, each inflicting significant damage to your home.

What is Storm Damage?

A storm can result in a wide range of damages, from impairments to your roof to disruptions in your electrical system. Some storm damages are so overwhelming and drastic that they can be considered a disaster.

Your home’s foundation can also be severely compromised by storms. Ice storms, for example, can freeze your pipes, which could later rupture and cause leaks in your roofing and walls. Moreover, once the storms have passed, flooding can lead to the growth of mold in your home.

High wind storms can topple trees, which, when falling onto homes or vital electric and water lines, can cause significant destruction. In the wake of such events, areas may be left without basic utilities like electricity for prolonged periods.

The Severity of Storm Damage

There’s no denying the severity of storm damage, though the extent can vary depending on the type of storm. For instance, tornadoes with speeds exceeding 86 mph can lift trailers off their foundations.

In some severe cases, the storm could completely damage the roof. This could lead to the roof being cracked, falling off, or even being blown away. If the roof gets damaged, it leaves the interior of the house susceptible to further damage from high-speed winds and storms.

Lightning from thunderstorms can adversely affect home appliances, even if it strikes far from your home. Lightning strikes in the vicinity can cause your home’s electrical system to malfunction.

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How We Help People After a Storm?

Given the extensive damage caused by storms, we offer storm damage restoration as a critical service. Armed with vast experience, ample resources, and advanced technology, we remain vigilant and promptly respond to storm damage restoration requests.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that our professionals possess extensive experience in handling damages from major events like storms and regularly upgrade our emergency resources and tools.

During our restoration process, we assess the storm damage to buildings, properties, and the surrounding areas. Based on our assessment, our restoration team strives to restore the damaged areas to their original state before the storm.

Furthermore, our comprehensive storm damage recovery service complies with governmental standards.

What Can You Expect After Storm Damage?

Storms can induce emotional distress and feelings of being overwhelmed. It’s natural for people to revisit storm-hit areas to look for belongings. However, it’s crucial to remember that these damaged areas can pose significant health hazards. Post-storm, you might find broken glass or exposed roofing nails, which can compromise even the most robust house structures. These damaged items can fall off the roof, causing accidents and injuries.

Moreover, you might come across fallen trees and damaged electrical lines in the aftermath of a storm. Additionally, remember that if your water lines are damaged, there’s also a likelihood of electrical line damage.

This is why you should engage professionals like Lincoln Water Damage Restoration, who are adequately equipped and dressed in safety gear when they visit storm-impacted locations. This not only shields us from injuries and accidents but also allows us to accurately assess the damage. By inspecting the area, we can determine the level of recovery services needed.